“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Together we create excellence not only is our Vision, but also the promise we make to our stakeholders to attain common goals, constantly raising our professional standards in order to add value in the field of healthcare & scientific innovation.

Founded in 2016, Oftagest’s Mission is to become an incubator for innovative ideas and projects in the pharmaceutical sector. This is a complex and stratified field, requiring an extraordinary capacity both to adapt to market dynamics as well as to listen actively and attentively to the medical-scientific community.

In order to guarantee an unique competitive advantage to our clients, we have devised a new “4.0” business model, which effectively and rapidly addresses the new challenges in the pharmaceutical market, both in Italy and worldwide, by following 4 best practices:


In Oftagest there are only ambitious and result-oriented people with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and acknowledged proficience, especially in the field of marketing and sales.


We work with the most important universities, the most influencial scientific societies and internationally renewed Key Opinion Leaders in the various therapeutical areas. In this manner we keep close contact with the most advisable and influencing people, in order to create innovation, develop products and offer an ever-updated scientific information service.


Processes, however they may be arranged, are the key points which make a difference and lead the way to a thriving success. In Oftagest we do care about optimizing and innovating either the functions and the execution of such processes.


We invest in cyber security: Every piece of information provided by our clients follows strictly codified protocols. In order to manage sensitive data we have developed a costumized IT system which works with top-level security standards.